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by | 6th December 2018

Writing super effective, and outstanding SEO articles is a veryought after skill by thousands if not millions of today's Internet marketers. Being able to consistently turn out this type of article will surely increase your online profits, sign ups, subscriptions, and targeted traffic numbers. The thing is that not that many Internet marketers even know that there's a difference in this type of article writing that is more than just the style. If you would like to know more about the differences and get 5 great tips for outstanding SEO article writing then stick right here and continue reading you will definitely find this information interesting as well as beneficial to your cause.

SEO Article Writing vs Standard Article Writing.

There are major differences when writing a SEO article compared to that of a standard article because when writing a regular article you only need satisfy the human individual reading that particular article. The main and most important difference is that when writing a search engine optimized (SEO) article is that you are not only trying to write interesting, relevant, and easy to understand information for human eyes you are also trying to attract and satisfy the Internet search engines.

Why is this so important? Simply because by your article being properly optimized gives your articles a much higher chance of being picked up an indexed by one of the major search engines. Properly SE optimization of your articles will also help your articles get a higher, and more favorable page ranking in the serps. This of course means a much greater visibility, and accessibility for your articles, leading to more targeted traffic, opt-ins, subscribers, and profits to your business, product, or service.

5 Tips to Outstanding SEO Writing

There are some things that you should make sure you pay close attention to when you are writing your articles to be picked up and ranked in the serps. Below are five great tips that will help you consistently navigate out effective SEO articles.

1. Create Articles Containing Keywords and Keyword Phrases

Creating articles that contain keywords, and keyword phrases will aid in the optimization of your articles for the search engines. By using the popular specific keyword phrases that people type in when doing a search for the content contained in your article it will stand a greater chance of being chosen and indexed by the major serps.

2. Find the Best Keywords and Keyword Phrases

Locate the best keywords and keyword phrases for your article by researching your target or niche market. Find out what words or phrases that use most to locate the information they are looking for on the net. You can also search for the most popular keywords and keyword phrases by using various IM keyword tools like Google Keyword tool.

3. Add Keyword Phrases Rather Than One - Word Keywords

I find that it is much more effective to use keyword phrases rather than one word keywords in my articles. By you using phrases you can be more specific in describing the content of your article. This makes the search much faster, easier, and more to the point for the individual trying to find that information. For instance if an individual were searching for information about "dog training methods" you would get better results by typing in the whole phrase rather than typing in "dog training." One more thing, one word keywords usually come with much more competition making it much harder for you to attain favorable page ranking on the serps.

4. Use and Place Keywords Correctly

There is no need to use your keywords excessively in your article. A point of fact is that this could be hazardous to your article. The SE's do not like keyword stuffed articles and your readers will find your article uninteresting and keyword diluted which could effect your future credibility in a negative way. So remember to use and place your keywords carefully in your article. I suggest about one keyword for every 100 words or so.

5. Include Keyword In Your Title

Something that many SEO articles lack keywords in the title. This is one of the most important places where you should include your keyword. Make sure that you put it there in a way that still leaves your title interesting and compelling. No matter if your article is a gem of information, an uninteresting title will not attract readers.

There is of course more that you can do to write better articles to rank well in the search engines. For instance backlinks to your article is another important part of getting good page ranking but I will discuss that in another article. The 5 tips above if done correctly will help you write articles that the SE will want and you future readers will thank you for.

Source by Anthony Simmonds

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