Automate Link Building In Your WordPress RSS Feed

by | 13th September 2018

Everyone is looking for a new link building trick to help them get ahead of the competition. Here is a powerful link building method that is about as plug and play as it gets and it will continue to build automatic links for you for years to come. This is one of those ninja link building secrets that only a few people are really taking advantage of and if you want to step up your online marketing and SEO skills this is a great way to do it without having to waste hundreds of hours studying and working to get there.

So What Is The Secret?

What I am talking about here today, is nothing more than a totally free plugin for WordPress. The power of this plugin is only limited by your own imagination and how your implement it's usage. The plugin itself does nothing more than add a extra line to each post on your RSS Feed. So why is this so powerful? Well, the idea is that it will automatically put a link back to your main website and the post that the content came from. This is to detour people from scraping content from your site and placing it on their own. Many other plugins let people either borrow or steal content and then dump it into their own blog. With this plugin, if someone does steal your RSS content and attempt to make it their own, they will get your links posted on their site right inside of every post.

Here Is The Real Genius

You do not have to use the default settings. You can manipulate the data being added to each post by adding your own links. Can you imaging having 3-5 feeder sites that are spitting out RSS Feeds that link back to your money site? Yes, this is where it gets really interesting. If you are focusing on different keyword sets for your main site, just plugin a different link in each feeder. If you really want to turn up your link distribution use one of the many RSS Blog Ping services out there and let them spray the internet with your automatic feeds and links!

There are many other ways to take advantage of this cool plugin and make it work for you. If you submit your sites to RSS Feed Aggregation services, this is yet another way to get more links for free. Like I said earlier the sky is the limit and the traffic is sure to follow when you use this free WordPress plugin with a little common sense.

Where Do I Get This Amazing RSS Link Building WordPress Plugin?

There are a couple of web sites that offer more information on this plugin. You can search for it on the site and look under the "extend" menu and "plugins" or you can always visit one of the resource sites listed below for more information on downloading and implementing this cool internet marketing tool.

Source by Nick Simpson

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