Best SEO Tactics That Can Increase Website’s Traffic

by | 20th September 2018

In the last few years, SEO has undergone various changes at a frenetic pace. Techniques that were considered as best practices in the industry are now ineffective and may even cause damage to the website's visibility. Since Google wants to offer the most relevant and useful search results to its users, it keeps on changing the algorithm and the result is Caffeine, Penguin, Panda, and Hummingbird. It is becoming very hard for average webmasters to keep up with the constant changes unless they keep themselves updated with the latest search engine algorithms. This piece of writing will focus on a few excellent SEO means to gain more traffic and increase visibility of your brand.

Achieving a strong presence online in this current landscape requires an organized, multifaceted and integrated SEO strategy. The following are the points where you need to focus.

User experience: User experience plays an important role as search engines often use data to judge how people interact with the site. This gives the search engines an idea of the quality of the site that has an indirect influence on the search engine rankings. Visitors who have experienced a positive user experience on the site are more likely to share it, bookmark it and even revisit the site. All these contribute to securing a higher website ranking on the SERPs.

Content: Google always tries to provide the users with the best and most relevant content to a specific question. The more detailed information the answer has; the best it is considered by Google and more useful it is to the users. Therefore, if you produce content that is unique, relevant and useful to the users, it obtains a higher rank in the search engine result page.

Promotion: The content that is created has to be fully utilized to gain more exposure and have a greater impact on the site. Some means that can be used to promote the content are:

  • Social Media: Post your content on various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. To expand the reach, encourage commenting, social sharing etc.
  • Paid Advertising: Paid advertising is also a great means to enhance the exposure of the content. Facebook ads, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon Paid Discovery, promoted tweets are some good options that can deliver strong results.
  • Outreach: Offer your content to popular bloggers or experts in your industry. If you are not aware of such people or sites then BlogDash or Buzzstream can help.

Conversion: Focusing on the conversion rate of the traffic to sales is much more important than simply attracting the visitors. So, create an easy path through the sales funnel, send clear messages to customers and gain insight into further improvements that can help you to attract the right kind of visitors and convert them to customers.

Source by Hanna Marin

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