Make Money On YouTube By Following Your Passion

by | 29th October 2018

The fact that Google purchased YouTube when it was in the nascent stages is proof enough of its money making ability. Now, to make money on YouTube, one only needs a bit of creativity and proper marketing strategies. It's in fact, easier than what people think!

There are four different methods to make money on YouTube. First, and the most obvious method, is to post a really great video that will pick up speed and go viral. The second method is to register for YouTube Affiliate Marketing. In third position, you can use YouTube partner program, and last but not least you can promote a personal website or business by linking to your YouTube videos.

Before actually trying to figure out how to make money through each method, one needs to understand how to increase the popularity of their videos, make them more visible and promote them better. Remember that low traffic will equal low profits on YouTube regardless of the chosen method.

The best advice on how to make money on YouTube is to create a video that you would love to watch. Search through your chosen niche and locate a few videos that you find interesting. Chances are that other viewers too would find it interesting for the same reasons. Once you can understand what viewers like or dislike in your particular niche, then it's all about creating a customized video.

Almost all viral videos have an excellent choice of keywords which make it easier to spot the video and propel its popularity. Just as keywords hold importance in SEO and SEM practices, YouTube videos too require good keyword usage. Ensure that the video filename has the keywords, and the title of the video and caption use the keywords to increase visibility.

Share your video on all social sites. This includes Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn etc. Wherever you have a decent fan base or a large number of friends, share the videos to get some likes. At the very least, you may qualify for YouTube partner program just from the total views you generate. To keep viewers coming back to your video, change the title and caption on a regular basis (once every month should do the trick). This will ensure that the video gets reposted without losing its views and likes.

The final thing to do is always provide a link back to your website or business, or promote an affiliate to ensure that viewers send some money across to your bank account. If your video is good and gathers more likes than dislikes, then new viewers would want to see what else you have to provide or what your affiliate link is all about. Exploiting this to make money on YouTube is the easiest way to earn.

It does not take more than a screen capture device and a camera phone to make attractive viewer friendly videos for YouTube. In fact, most of the viral videos have poor video quality but have something which viewers have never seen before. Think out of the box and stay in sync with the chosen niche to increase viewer base and make money on YouTube.

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