This MLM Leads Strategy Will Help You Generate MLM Marketing Leads With a WordPress Blog

by | 28th August 2018

This MLM Marketing Leads strategy will help you setup a WordPress blog to act as your Nerve Center, which is a central place where all of the major traffic sources can be funneled to build your email marketing list of MLM Leads.

  • Your blog is a place where you can passively market you and your business to visitors from Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.
  • It can help you attract leads through Search Engine Optimization.
  • It will allow you to actively market using Pay Per Click strategies.
  • It allows you to build your email marketing list, which is your most valuable business asset.
  • It allows you to market online, with a reduced chance of violating your network marketing companies policies and procedures.
  • And it will let you take advantage of multiple streams of income, to monetize your traffic and your leads through affiliate marketing.

First of all, you want to get a WordPress hosted blog

Free WordPress or Blogger pages are owned by those companies, and they can REVOKE your website at any time. Recently, they have been focusing on removing network marketing and affiliate marketing sites.

Free blogs are not PROFESSIONAL looking, because they include the WordPress or Blogger domain name.

You will be able to get ranked in the search engines easier with a self-hosted blog, with your own domain name. WordPress is the tool of choice for the top bloggers, as it's easy to use and very SEO friendly.

Choose a domain name that will brand you.

That may be your firstnamelastname, or workwithname (i.e. workwithdavid)

Always use a '.com' domain name if possible, because people now just assume the www and com parts of the address, so they only care about the name in the middle. If you don't use your name, try using keywords that target your audience. The keywords should describe what they will find on your web site.

Don't use hard to spell words. Be careful in using numbers or abbreviations, such as myblog4u, which can be spelled myblogforyou, myblogforu or myblog4you

Now you need to host your blog with a service that is easy to use and fast-loading.

You want to host your blog with a quality service that has the Fantastico tool that loads WordPress at the click on a button. And you want the standard Control Panel tool to monitor and change your setup.

Now you need to get a cool WordPress theme to stand out in the crowd, because the standard WordPress themes are well... boring.

Google "WordPress themes" to find themes that are easy to use, and social media and SEO friendly. I've paid $50-70 for premier templates, but they are so professional looking that it's worth the investment. Remember, first impressions on a blog are very important to keep visitors from clicking away.

Recommended WordPress Plugins

Log into your WordPress account can click on Plugins on the left side of the page, then select ADD NEW, type in the Plugin name, and then click Search Plugins

  • Comment Luv is a great comment moderator Plugin
  • I use Discus for my comment moderator Plugin
  • I use the Sociable Plugin to make it easy for people to share my blog posts
  • I use the Tweet MeMe ReTweet Button to make it easy for people to ReTweet my posts

Setup an Email Marketing Account

The fortune is in the list, so you will place forms on your blog, so that people can opt into your email list. There are several email list companies that make it easy to create opt-in forms for your WordPress blog.

To summarize, it's well worth the time and effort to setup your WordPress blog and email marketing system, as it can generate free MLM Leads for years to come.

Source by David Alan Wilcoxson

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