Updates of SEO Industry in 2010

by | 7th November 2018

It is a fact that the linkage between online marketing and SEO is constantly changing and it therefore becomes necessary to review - at least annually - the developments taking place in the SEO industry. It is also good to recapitulate all the new things we have learned and determine the likely major trends in the coming months.

It is widely acknowledged that during the year 2010, it was the social media that dominated the scene. Facebook grew from strength to strength and instead of being a place where users could go to chat with friends, it became a place to research products, know brands, follow business trends and find commercial news.

Twitter became hugely popular in 2010 with a host of celebrities regularly twitting. Twitter account became a status symbol and indispensable to any reputed business house that had an online presence.

Google continued to be the frontrunner and Google's position as the top search engine and email provider remained unchallenged. Google came out with new technologies like Google Instant, which sent shivers down the spine of the SEO experts. But Google was quick to allay all fears and stated that "ranking stays the same".

Any way, this development did ring alarm bells and made the SEO industry sit up and realize that the way we all search could suddenly change any time and it is the job of the SEO industry to measure up to any sharp changes.

Search engine market is developing at an accelerated pace and you can expect some exciting new trends to emerge for SEO industry in 2011. The prediction for 2011 is there will be a link-up between Bing and Facebook, which could result in the two combined taking a giant stride over Google and Yahoo and capture the top spot as a search engine.

Facebook, is still continuing as the main social network for individuals, business houses and large corporations who want to be in touch with the online world and this will provide Bing the necessary push and momentum. After dominating the SEO industry for nearly a decade, Google is admittedly facing very tough competition in search engine market with emerging rivals like Bing.

Google obviously will not lie low but will meet all challenges to its supremacy and will bring about drastic changes. In fact, Google is already contemplating to bring in some difficult-to-comprehend variations in ranking procedure like geo location of any search inquiry. This means search results in Google.com may vary in different parts of the world for the same keyword.

Page load time, bounce rate and domain age would possibly be the areas which may gain extra importance in search engine results of Google. Google has already announced that page load time would play a role in search engine result pages.

It will be wise for SEO companies to read the writing on the wall and include social media optimization also as part of the search engine optimization strategies.

It is advisable for web owners to get rid of SEO services companies that are still clinging to age-old conventional SEO methods to obtain higher rankings. Avail the services of expert SEO consultancy companies that are dynamic and keeps changing its strategies to suit the emerging trends.

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