Web 2.0 and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

by | 29th November 2018

Increasing the visibility of your company's web page can be achieved by implementing a Web 2.0 strategy. What is Web 2.0? Web sites such as MySpace, Facebook, YouTube and Wikipedia as well as technologies that provide blogs, podcasting and RSS feeds all comprise a part of Web 2.0.

Many of these technologies are driven by a young demographic but to ignore them would be foolish. Increasing the exposure of your web site should be a consistent ongoing campaign. Many of these teenagers and 20-somethings will eventually grow up and require a service or product that your company provides.

Creating a MySpace page for your company can help you gain an entirely different audience. This page can still be professional due to the flexibility of the MySpace Administrator Interface which allows nearly complete customization. Having this page can generate more links to your page as well as more traffic.

Creating a 30 second video advertisement can be placed on YouTube and also help gain exposure. This advertisement can explain exactly what services your company provides. YouTube is currently free and has had more than 59 million visits from web surfers. A successful featured video on YouTube can generate substantial traffic to your site as well as put a face on your company. Your site can link to this video and increase it exposure by attracting search engines that pickup on the fact that your site features video.

An About Us page on the wiki-based web site aboutus.org can help get your company name and web site out there as well as adding a link back to your site. LinkedIn.com can also be a valuable way to promote your company's site and is also a wonderful way to network with other professionals.

Source by Christopher Arnell

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