Why Blogs Are Favored by Google and Get Favored Rankings

by | 3rd November 2018

If you have been thinking of using blogging as an SEO tool, you would have been advised by many to use WordPress. It automatically handles almost 80% of SEO tactics with the help of plug-ins. However, with the increasing sophistication of search engine algorithms, are WordPress blogs still ranked highly by Google? If you have a WordPress blog then here are some of the things to keep in mind to get the maximum out of it.

Keywords in Each Page: Make sure you optimize each page of your blog and not just the home page. All pages should have well researched keywords. With the advent of LSI, search engines are looking for naturally flowing content, so make sure you don't mindlessly repeat your keywords, but use them meaningfully. Try to use variations that your customers are likely to use.

For example, if you are using laptop as your keyword, include words like notebook, portable, palmtop and so on. You can also look at the list of keywords that customers used to reach your site by using tools such as Google Analytics.

Update Often: This is important to keeping your blog relevant and also to ensure that readers will have something new to link to from their posts. And be sure that your content is compelling enough for visitors to linger and read through.

Strategic back linking: When it comes to back links, it is not the number but the relevance and reputation of the source that matters. Get an SEO firm which offers link building services to work for you. Ask the professional link building services firm to select link placement carefully. Pay them for an increase in page rank and not the number of links created.

Multimedia Content: With search engines coming up with specialized image and video searches, make sure that your site gets a top SERP even in those by including relevant multimedia content in your blog.

URL Structure: Change the default URL structure offered by WordPress to one that has your page title without additional question marks.

Even if you are hiring a professional link building services initially, discuss with them what other SEO products they have to offer. They may be able to offer sophisticated services such as page rank sculpting and SEO siloing. Pick and choose the ones that are most suitable for you and you can ensure that your WordPress blog remains the favorite of Google, no matter how the algorithm changes.

You may want to follow up with other techniques such as sending out a carefully crafted press release. This will get you back links from reputable sites and help boost your page rank very quickly.

Source by Bob D Williams

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