YouTube Marketing Secrets – Learn to Effectively Utilize YouTube Marketing

by | 13th October 2018

"YouTube Marketing" can be one of the most effective free methods of marketing if utilized correctly.

In this article you will see why YouTube Marketing has such potential.

If you were not already aware, YouTube is actually owned by Google. Therefore, Google will pick up on and highly rank most videos that are shared within YouTube very quickly. So you want to take advantage of this and make the content with your videos more SEO (search engine optimization) friendly, this will help to target your video to a specific targeted audience in the search engines like Google, MSN, and Yahoo! and also allow you to take full advantage of YouTube marketing.

Let's say you are advertising your own personal business that designs automotive accessories. Your video should then be about the variety of parts and applications you have available. Search engines can't tell what is actually in the video so thats not important for SEO purposes. What you want to focus on is actually the name of your business with targeted keywords and where you place them. 'Toyota accessories' will be the targeted keyword for demo purposes.

Ok.. now you have your business name, how about 'Toyos Custom Parts', and the keyword 'Toyota accessories'. The first thing to focus on is your YouTube Video title. The title is actually going to be placed elsewhere as well so it is the most important part. You want to make sure you have your brand name or business name, and the targeted keyword in the title.

An example title that would be SEO friendly could be 'Get Toyota Accessories from Toyos Custom Parts'

This targets the video to viewers looking for Toyota specific accessories, and advertises your business name as a genuine provider. Which is the key to YouTube Marketing, you want to attract the prospects looking for what you have to you.

Now in the description of the video is where your (YouTube Marketing) efforts will be the most potent. I suggest putting the domain url to your business website first in the description, then skip a space and copy/paste the title next. Add a few sentences explaining the video and its contents, a short keyword rich paragraph, place contact information about your business, and then finish the description by pasting the same title once again. What this does is alert Google that your video is relevant to the repeated key phrases included in your title and description, so when someone goes in and searches for toyota accessories on Google, your video will pop up as relevant, leading viewers and potential buyers to your business and the link you placed with your video.

Remember the keyword rich paragraph mentioned in the description?

Well, it is just that. A short six to eight sentences that are filled with the intended keyword. In this instance its 'Toyota accessories'. A very cool trick, that most people refuse to share, is to go to Google and search for your targeted keyword, then just copy the first three or four search results and paste them into your description. Thats it! That content is at the top of the search results for a reason so why not combine it with YouTube Marketing and take advantage of its power. One suggestion is to delete all of the links and large spaces that are in the copied text, this will make it look more paragraph form and eliminate any other links people may click and be led away from your content.

There it is Folks... the powerful secret to effective YouTube Marketing!

Source by Nathan Hilton

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